Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Greek authors’ abstracts must follow this Template, according to which the abstract and keywords are submitted in Greek only, whereas the title of the abstract and the authors’ names are submitted  both in Greek and English.

Non-Greek authors must use Abstract Template, according to which all the necessary information can be submitted in English.

Abstracts can be presented either in Greek or in English.

Attention: Presentation documents (template for Oral & Mini-oral presentations) must be exclusively in English.

Abstract title should be submitted both in Greek and in English. The abstract can be submitted either in Greek or English. Finally, there is no need for the translation of non-Greek author names in Greek.

No, no changes can be made on already submitted abstracts. This option will become available after their evaluation by a reviewer.

E-posters should be written and submitted exclusively in English according to the  e-Poster Template. 

No. E-posters are just posted on displays close to the room where the presentations relevant to their topics take place.

In any case, however, the presence of at least one representative of the authoring team is required at the venue of the conference and more specifically next to the screen where the e-poster will be displayed, on the day and time that its presentation will be set according to the final agenda that is to be announced.


The first author or  the presenter of the paper will register and buy his/her ticket as an attendee that presents a paper (50€), while the rest of the authors can register simply as attendees with lower (20€) or no cost (for undergraduate students).

Attendees can register at any moment after the registrations’ opening date online and on-site during the Congress. If you have submitted an abstract as first author, you should buy your ticket after the acceptance of your abstract.