Instructions – Templates

General Guidelines

The papers must be submitted online (Abstract Submission Platform) to be evaluated by the judges and included in the Conference program.

Papers sent via email or post office will NOT be included in the Congress program.

In case that, on the date and time of the thematic section in which a paper is presented based on the schedule, none of the authors of the paper is presented, the abstract will NOT be included in the proceedings of the Congress.

Before submitting your abstract, please study carefully its Writing & Submission Guidelines:

  1. You may, as first author, submit up to two papers.
  2. Make sure that the information you fill in both the registration form and the abstract submission is accurate and correct. Pay special attention to the submission of the authors’ names and their institutions both in Greek & English.
  3. Make sure to type your email and your phone number correctly, otherwise there will be no means of communication with the Organizing Committee of the Congress.
  4. The submission of an abstract is necessary for the presentation of both oral and digital posted announcements (E-posters).
  5. Study the Scientific Topics carefully and submit your paper to the one that matches the most.
  6. Choose whether your paper will be presented as an oral or digital posted announcement. However, it should be noted that the task judges have the possibility to change a communication from oral to posted (and vice versa) if they deem it appropriate. 

The dates of evaluation and correction of your papers are announced on the website of the 32nd I.C.P.E.S.S. and via email. In order to be consistent with these dates, please regularly check your emails and the Congress website.

In case that you do not consistently meet any of the deadlines for the submission and correction of your abstract, it will be automatically rejected.

Abstract Preparation

  1. The title of the paper should be short and concise but also representative of the study that has been done. You will also need its translation in English, since you will be prompted to insert it during the abstract submission process on the platform. 
  2. It is strongly suggested to have the required data (name, surname, email, affiliation) for all authors of the paper gathered before the initiation of the abstract submission process.  Moreover, you are advised to be very careful when entering those data on the platform. 
  3. The Abstract is a summary of the author(s)’ paper and very briefly contains: the introduction, the purpose, the most important characteristics of the research participants, the evaluation instruments/tools, the research design, the results and the conclusions drawn.
  4. The Abstract should:
    • have a maximum length of 350 words
    • be a single paragraph without subsections
    • be written according to the principles of grammar and syntax
  5. The Abstract should NOT include:
    • Tables, graphs, functions and images
    • Bibliographical references
    • The authors’ names, institutions and contact addresses within its text.

Instructions for Abstract Online Submission on the Electronic System

  1. Click here to create your new account for the Congress.
  2. Fill in all your contact details and press “Register”, to create your account, so you can start the online submission process. If you do not fill in all the mandatory fields, you will not be able to proceed with the submission of your work.
  3. In this step, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you have provided. Click the link to activate your account.
  4. After activating your account, log in to the Abstract Submission Platform with the username (or email) and password you have provided during your registration. 


  • Click the “Add new article” button.
  • Select the Language (Greek, English) in which you will submit your abstract. Please note that by choosing English your abstract and all the related data must be exclusively submitted in English. By choosing Greek your abstract must be submitted in Greek and all other data must be submitted both in English and Greek.
  • Select the topic of your abstract from the Scientific Topics drop-down list.
  • Enter the Title of your abstract, in capital letters.  In case you have chosen to submit your abstract in Greek you must enter the title both in Greek and English filling the relative fields.
  • ONLY enter the Text of your Abstract, which will be used in the evaluation.

ATTENTION: Maximum text size 350 words.

  • Fill in the Keywords, separated by commas, without any spaces.
  • Select the total number of authors that participate in the abstract
  • Fill in all the required fields with each author’s details (Name, Surname, Email).
  • Choose each author’s affiliation from the drop-down list. In case that an affiliation does not exist, please choose Other… and carefully type the affiliation, following the format (affiliation, department (if any), city, country), e.g.:

Democritus University of Thrace, D.P.E.S.S., Komotini, Greece 

  • Number each different affiliation you add with an ascending number. If the same affiliation appears in more than one authors, use the same affiliation number for all of them. For example for an abstract by three authors (two of them having the same affiliation:

1 Democritus University of Thrace, D.P.E.S.S., Komotini, Greece 

2 University of Thessaly, D.P.E.S.S., Trikala, Greece

1 Democritus University of Thrace, D.P.E.S.S., Komotini, Greece

  • Carefully fill in the name and contact details of the presenter of the abstract.
  • Choose the Type of Presentation of your paper (Oral, Mini-Oral, E-poster)
  • State whether you wish to submit a Short paper for your abstract by choosing “YES” or “NO” in the corresponding field.
  • In the status field, select Save as Draft to save your progress on the form as a draft or Submit after checking that all fields are properly filled to complete the abstract submission process.
  • Click Save to comfirm saving as a draft or submitting your abstract (according to your choice on the Status field). 

ATTENTION: In case of choosing Save as Draft, the submission of your abstract is not completed and you must come back to the platform anytime before the deadline in order to finalize it. 

ATTENTION: After submitting your abstract (by choosing Submit status) you will not have access to the platform for any changes in your submission, until it is reviewed. 

Please check your emails regularly for any updates. Check your Spam folder as well, in case you do not receive any emails from the platform. 

ATTENTION: Short papers must be submitted as a document developed according to the accepted template. You will be able to attach the file for your short paper after the final approval of your abstract. As soon as you receive an acceptance notification, you will be able to return to the platform to attach your paper until the deadline date, using the account you have already created.

For any problem or question, you can always contact the support team at the following email:

Good Luck!

To add an additional abstract, you must click the “Add new article” button again.

ATTENTION: each account can submit a maximum of 2 abstracts as first author.

Deadline for Short Paper Submission: Thursday, June 15, 2024

In order for the three-page papers (Short Papers) to be evaluated by the judges and published, they must be submitted at Abstract Submission Platform. Three-page papers sent by email or regular mail will NOT be published.

Submit your short paper by uploading your doc, docx file at attachments section (Upload your Short Paper). The option will be activated after the acceptance of your abstract. Use the account you already created when you submitted your abstract. You don’t need to create a new account.

Please, before submitting a short paper, carefully study the Short Paper Writing & Submission Guidelines.

  • Make sure the information you fill in the short paper submission is correct.
  • Submit the complete word file, according to the File Template (please find it at the end of the page).
  • Once you have completed submitting your short paper, you will receive a successful submission notification email.

In order to submit your short paper, it is required to pay the amount of €35. You will receive instructions for paying this fee to the email address you have registered in your account.

The payment process must be completed by Thursday, June 28, 2024 and is mandatory for those who want to publish their short paper.

The price includes VAT. 24%.

Receipts are issued and sent electronically, at the end of the submission process.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation is accepted only in writing, to the e-mail For cancellation requests until Monday, July 8, 2024, the full amount is refunded.

From Tuesday, July 9, 2024, no refunds will be made.

Payment methods

Deposit to the bank account stating your full name as the reason. After depositing the money, please send the proof of deposit to the email

The dates of assessment and correction of your assignments are announced on the website of 32nd I.C.P.E.S.S., but also via email.

In order to consistently observe these dates, please regularly monitor your emails and the Congress website.

In the event that you do not consistently meet any of the deadlines for submitting and correcting your three-page assignments, there will be an automatic rejection.

For any problem or question, you can always contact the payment manager, Mrs. Maria Karyofylaki, at the following e-mail:

Good luck!

During the submission of your work on the abstract submission platform, you are also required to indicate how your abstract will be presented during the congress.

There are three alternative options for presenting your work:

  • Oral Presentation: Your abstract will be orally presented in a room, at a time and day to be announced in the final program. It consists of 12 slides in English, prepared according to the Oral/Mini-Oral Template. 

  • Mini-oral Presentation: Similar to the oral presentation, the abstract will be presented in a room at a specified time and day in the final program. It includes 6 slides in English, prepared according to the Oral/Mini-Oral Template.

  • e-Poster Presentation: The work will be presented on a screen at the venue on a day and time specified in the final program. In the case of an e-Poster presentation, the presence of a representative near the presentation screen is required on the day and time of the display. To prepare your work presentation as an e-Poster, download the e-Poster Template by clicking on the corresponding button.

Instructions for Oral and Mini-oral Presentations

After the acceptance of your work as an oral or mini-oral presentation, carefully read the following instructions:

  1. For your convenience, “download” the Oral/Mini-Oral Template (the template is the same for both oral presentation formats) and create your presentation on this file.

  2. Your abstract will be presented as a PowerPoint presentation and must include 12 slides for oral presentations and 6 slides for mini-oral presentations. The first slide should contain the title, authors and affiliation, while the last slide should include the bibliography of the abstract.

  3. The time duration for each oral presentation is 10 minutes, and for mini-oral presentations, it is 3 minutes.

  4. All text in the presentation files should be in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE (in a single presentation file).

  5. The presentation file should be submitted 30 minutes before the start of the thematic session in the room where the abstract will be presented.

  6. For any tests or corrections to the presentation, there will be a support secretariat for electronic presentations in the room.

Instructions for the Presentation of e-Posters

After the acceptance of your work as an e-poster, carefully read the following instructions:

  1. Posted announcements are digital, meaning they are PDF files that are displayed on a large screen and not printed posters. You should prepare your file in “PowerPoint presentation” format and then convert it to a PDF, writing the text ONLY in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, and on a single slide that includes the title, authors, affiliation, purpose, method, results, conclusions, and bibliography.

  2. For your convenience, “download” the e-Poster Template and create your presentation on this file, keeping all other elements (background color & logos).

  3. After completing your digital e-Poster presentation, you should “save” the file as P (Poster) along with the number assigned to your abstract (abstract ID) (e.g., P-ICP24-AN-102) and convert the file to .pdf.

  4. Upon completion of the process, you should upload the file to the abstract submission platform by May 20, 2023.